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Liaison Umbrella Fund was set up in 2014 to be the one-stop solution for your retirement. We take care of your retirement planning to allow you focus on your core business. Liaison Umbrella Fund is a defined contribution scheme which allows you to select the contribution rate that best fits your situation and retirement goals. We are managed by the best technical team.

We offer you the best team and services because we care about your retirement and love what we do. Liaison Umbrella Fund is regulated by Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority, compliant with Capital Markets Authority, Bank of Uganda and Uganda Revenue Authority.

Liaison Umbrella Fund is the only umbrella fund that truly pays you monthly compounded interest, plus a bonus interest payment after withdrawal. No charges apply on entry and no penalties or charges apply on exit.

Why Liaison Umbrella Fund?

  • Under the Umbrella, all your savings are protected from creditors.
  • Liaison Umbrella Fund gives you full control of your retirement planning. With the option of additional voluntary contributions, you can achieve the dreams you have for your retirement.
  • Liaison Umbrella Fund continues to harness the power of technology to deliver services at your convenience through our versatile online platform, SMS network and banking system. These allow your benefits to be paid within the shortest time possible. We take pride in our online ICT platform, which has expanded access to direct services to members across the world.
  • All our solutions are local and tailored to our client needs. We always seek mutual growth through the promotion of local solutions.

How does it work?

  • Contributions are remitted into the Umbrella Fund.
  • Funds are immediately invested in diversified investment asset classes.
  • Returns on investments are distributed to members as interest.
  • At the point of exit, a member completes a withdrawal form and is paid their benefits in a 3-step process.
  • A lump sum is credited to the withdrawing member within one week.
  • A bonus interest payment is made to members who exit before the audit.

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